Walking Tours

Life in Reykjavik suburb Breidholt

The suburb Breidholt, only 20 minutes by bus from the centre, is the first suburb in Reykjavik. It was built in the seventies and designed by a Danish architect. During this tour you see schools and blocs of hourses showing how the Icelandic families have been and are living today. On the tour we also discuss modern families, the school system etc.

In this tour we take the bus to Breidholt. When we get there we start walking through Nedra-Breidholt to Efra-Breidholt and again back to Nedra-Breidholt while the guide tells stories about life in the suburb during the seventies and eighties and today.

Estimated duration: 2 hours. Price ISK 6.000 per person. Please notice that the bus fare is not included in the price so you need to take some coins with you for the bus. For more information please send an email to mountainclimbing[at]mountainclimbing.is.