“My guide knew exactly what to do. We stopped a few times as she told us about the landscape below, and the plants and trees in the area. She regaled us with stories of the early settlers in the area, of the hidden people, and many other tidbits that made the hike amusing.”
     The Reykjavik Grapevine Issue No 7, 2009

Dear Helga,
Thank you very much for a wonderful Esja tour of mountain climbing on 30 Aug. 2009!
Regards and all the best for you.
     Siegrid Heinzelmann and son Gerhard Heinzelmann from Germany

Nice walk – beautiful view.
Gajdningen var utmärkt bra för en som jag som inte har bra kondition.
En flot tur! Gode och interessante historier!
Det har været rigtig godt. Jag kan ikke pege på forbedringer. Vi mangler bare trolder.
    Nordiska socialarbetare, okt. 2009

Fantastic tour and well worth the long drive. Our guide had arranged a boat tour on the lagoon which is normally unavailable at that time of year. Boat trip was spectacular. Our guide was informative, accomodating and friendly.
    Nicola Munro, United Kingdom Oct 13/09

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