Mountain Hiking and Climbing

Mountain Hiking and Climbing

Easy Guided Day Hikes on Mountains in Reykjavik, Iceland

Easy Mountain Hiking in Iceland

Hiking and climbing in moon-like landscape in Iceland.
Mt Helgafell is one of the most popular climbing mountains in Reykjavik, Iceland.
On top of a mountain in Reykjavik vicinity, Iceland.
Hiking and mountain climbing in Iceland.

Enjoy hiking in Iceland – the nice and easy way!

•    Beautiful view from the top of a magnificent Icelandic mountain.
•    Pure nature, sometimes only 20-30 minutes away from city centre in Iceland.
•    Outdoor enjoyment the Icelandic way.
•    Home-made refreshments or Icelandic specialities.
•    Personal guidance in English, Swedish and even some Finnish.
•    Suitable for all ages (Esja: 8+, Helgafell: 6+), families, individuals and groups of all sizes.

Take a guided walk upp Mount Esja (914m), the beloved city mountain of Reykjavik, or Mount Helgafell (340m), the sacred town mountain of Hafnarfjordur. Both mountains are only half an hour’s drive from the city centre. They are easy to climb and suitable for beginners in mountain climbing. You don’t need any experience or knowledge to partake in these tours. People of all ages can participate in both hikings. You only have to be in normal health with no health problems.

Mountain Climbing is also offering day hiking tours to the new Eyjafjallajokull lava. These tours are only suitable for grown-ups. For more information click on Exotic hiking tours.

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